The principals of Cardon Consulting, have been the visionary and impetus behind restoration of many historic properties; 5 of which they achieved listing by the Department of the Interior as National Historic Landmarks.  They have applied for and obtained hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal and state tax credits for the owners of these properties.  In addition, Cardon Consulting has identified the highest and best use and developed business plans for these properties to maximize their income producing potential. Cardon Consulting is also well-experienced in identifying, planning and overseeing new construction as well as landscape and hardscape projects that create a synergy with restored historic property. The expertise Cardon Consulting offers includes:

  • Historic property selection:
  • Site planning and rezoning petitions;
  • Planning the historic structure restoration process;
  • Understanding and incorporating the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Rehabilitation;
  • Performing the actual restoration, from hands-on to sub-contracting and management of the overall restoration project;
  • Applying for Historic Register status;
  • Preparing and submitting tax credit application documentation;
  • Composing historic preservation easements;
  • Identifying highest and best use and developing business plans;
  • Understanding Small Business Administration policies and requirements and utilizing that knowledge to secure funding.

If you are considering undertaking a historic restoration, if you need help with a specific restoration issue, or if you are looking to engage a manager for your restoration project, Cardon Consulting is ready to help.

Historic Federal and State Tax Credits Obtained for Clients
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