Cardon Consulting’s project and event management experience spans a period of 40 years.  It encompasses management of projects from beginning to end; including those with multi-million dollar budgets and cross-cultural resources, ranging in nature from rehabilitation and construction to information technology implementations.  It also encompasses management of thousands of special events from inception to reality.  This wealth of experience and expertise enables Cardon Consulting to offer services including:

  • Financial modeling and analysis;
  • Management and investor presentations with focus on funding appropriations;
  • Project management.

Specific project and event management competencies include:

  • Planning and budgeting;
  • Task and interdependency identification;
  • Resource requirements planning and allocation;
  • Formulating time-phased implementation plans, and critical path identification;
  • Risk assessment and mitigation planning;
  • Reporting of project progress and actual versus budget financials;
  • Understanding Small Business Administration policies and requirements and utilizing that knowledge to secure funding;
  • Interfacing with investors and/or lenders.

For assistance with any aspect of managing your project or event, or for outsourcing the entire process, Contact Cardon Consulting for all your project and event management needs.

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